REXUS 11 Launched!


The very much anticipated REXUS 11 launch took place last week if someone missed it. We are all happy that our fellow KTH REXUS team RAIN finally got to put their experiment to the test and successfully recovered both of their FFUs. It is now an eager moment for us in the MUSCAT team to take part of the experiences and results the RAIN team collected during their launch campaign.

Please enjoy this video and visit for more info about RAIN.


Things are happening!

Hi you!

There is a lot going on, our manufacturing process is almost over, we have got test procedures almost ready for tests and RAIN is hopefully going to be launched soon. Check out their blog at

I was going to take more pictures of the FFU components we have already with my phone today but unfortunately my phone had no memory and was almost completely uncharged, so tomorrow I will take a camera to do the job and hopefully you will have nice pictures before Thursday.

Take care,