Delivery of the Metal Rings

Hej everybody, last days were pretty exiting since a lot of stuff happened. The most important news is that the Metal Rings have arrived! Yes, after a lot of time spent in designing, reviewing, editing…re-designing, re-reviewing, re-editing and so on, we finally have the very first mechanical components of the FFU (Free Falling Unit).

We immediately assembled a set of rings with the components we have right now and then we tried to screw and unscrew the rings. All worked perfectly!!

The FFUs are moving from the sterile environment of CAD softwear to the living real world.


Metal Rings into production!

Hej! By the end of the week an important milestone will be reached: the production of the Metal Rings. In the last days we checked drawings and CAD files, thus only the final review is missing and than we can make the order!

The Metal Rings are very important for the structure of the FFUs (Free Falling Units) since all the other structural components and the two PCBs will be fixed to them.

The Rings will be produced by Mixtrum and will be made in Aluminium Alloy 6082. We decided to order the Rings, instead of producing them inside KTH for two reasons. First because their shape is pretty complex so a CNC machining tool is required. Second, since we have to screw together Internal Ring and External Ring, the tolerances must be very small!

Here you can find some CAD rendering of the rings!

See you!!