Presentation at the ESA PAC Symposium


The presentation at the Symposium went fine and we got some interesting questions and comments from the audience. Here you can find some pictures of the presentation.

983588_10151498694752123_425229927_n 1011917_10151498694777123_1434052643_n

At the Symposium we also had a poster to show to the other participants our work. Here you can see our poster and all the REXUS/BEXUS ones.

foto 2-8



Test countdown and payload assembly


Yesterday afternoon, once all experiments had been prepared and connected to the rocket service module, we performed a test countdown. This was done in order to check that all experiments can go through the mission timeline without problems.

Even if it was just a test there was a lot of tension and suspense! It was very exciting!

Marcus and Markus at the Ground Station for the countdown testCountdown testCountdown test


This morning the REXUS 13 is being assembled for flight.

Payload assemblyPayload assemblyPayload assembly

Results from the “Full Mission Test”


Yesterday we performed the “Full Mission Test” and the experiment worked properly.

Test set up

However the recovery system transmitting via the satellite modem has a peculiar behavior. As you can see in the picture the Doc (FFU 1) is not with all the other probes. The position of Doc jumps between the correct position, where all the probes are, and another position 200 meters away.

Localisation test


The recovery team that will look for our probes will use an helicopter and our probes have a big and colorful parachute that will be very visible in the white snow. Therefore we don’t think that this issue with the satellite modem will create any trouble.

Today we will test the recovery system transmitting via beacon antenna. This system works in parallel with the satellite one in order to create a more reliable system. We will keep you updated as soon as we have news.

Second Day at ESRANGE.


Today we went through the Safety regulations of the Rocket Base and we assembled the FFUs for “Full Mission Test”. In this test we will check the our probes (FFUs) will start collecting sensor data and GPS raw data after ejection and that they will deploy the parachute and send position coordinates for recovery.

This is the last test we will do on our experiment before the assembly of the rocket.

IMG_2124 IMG_2122

First Day at ESRANGE.


The MUSCAT Team arrived this morning in ESRANGE for the launch campaign! Here is quite cold, around 2-4°C, and it snowed a bit.

The Team started the preparation of the workspace so we are ready for the tomorrow activities.

IMG_2117 IMG_2118

Alarms set to 0700 tomorrow ready for the first meeting about Safety and Regulations at 0815.

We will keep you updated about our campaign and in the next days we will start a live streaming of our activities here at the rocket base!


Spinning Test in Kista (Stockholm)


In these days experts from DLR and SSC are performing the Spinning Test on both REXUS 13 and 14.

We visited them in Kista and these are some pictures we took.