Time lapse of the Rocket Module loading


Final assembly and Shipping of the experiment


The last three weeks were very busy for the MUSCAT team. We received the last components and finalized the assembly of the whole experiment.

We are really happy since everything worked fine and we had no unexpected issues. Below you can find some pictures we took during the final assembly of the experiment.

Today the MUSCAT experiment is supposed to be delivered at DLR in Bremen for the Scientific Integration Week!

BOX containing the MUCAT Experiment

BOX containing the MUCAT Experiment


Ejection System almost ready

Hej, last week we received the lower cross of the ejection system. Now the ejection system is almost complete! Once we will receive the rocket cylinder we will start doing some ejection tests.

Enjoy these pics!

Components for the FFU cages arrived

Hej! Last week we received a package with all the components we ordered for the cages of the FFUs. Lets take a look on them!


Other new components are almost complete or will be delivered in the next weeks. We will keep you updated!

Tito and Darri

Work and tests on the Composite Hemisphere

Hej! In the last week we worked a bit on the last composite shell we made.

First of all we removed, using a laser cutting machine, the extramaterial. Once this was done we were able to check if, with the last manufacturing technique, we were able to obtain a perfect hemisphere (sometimes fibers are not well aligned…and the result is that instead of a hemisphere you can have a hemi-egg…). Good for us the result is a nice hemisphere! =)

Secondly we cured completely the epoxy. This required other 16 hours in the oven (8 at 150°C and 8 at 215°C) but guarantees that the shells will keep 100% of their mechanical properties till 220°C. After the curing the color of the hemisphere change: from white to caramel!

Thirdly we did a vacuum test. The epoxy that we use is very stiff, but also brittle. We were afraid that, in vacuum, the tiny air bubbles trapped in the epoxy might have ruin our precious outer surface. So we took a small vacuum chamber and performed the test. The results is that after almost 3 minutes in the vacuum there were no deformation or cracks in the shell!

Here you can find some pics!