Everything went well!

Our dear followers!

We have all FFUs back, we have started saving data from Doc and Sneezy/Bashful (Frankenstein) the read out will probably finish in a few hours. The data on those looked like it should. Actually the read out is finished on one of the FFUs, we hava 1,13 GB of data from that one. We  will back it up on dropbox, our harddrive and on one of the team members computer. As well as read it out again if we have time. We will do quick analysis as soon as we can, but we want to start the read out of the two last FFUs before that. The RMU functions after the crash, but we lost the connection to it some minutes after the ejection of the FFUs. We will put some recovery pictures and video as soon as we have finished packing and/or reading out the data/analysed it.

Take care!

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3 comments on “Everything went well!

  1. paolo says:

    hello. What do you mean about “the crash”?

  2. Marcus Lejon says:

    Great work everybody! I am very happy that everything has gone as well as it has.

  3. Marcus says:

    The parachute from the recovery system did not deploy properly and the rocket crashed down in the ground. Hovever it landed on soft layers of snow and the nosecone took most of the impact so it seems that it did not affect any of the experiments.

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