Merging of RMU electronics and mechanics

Here are some pictures of the electronics in the RMU. We are currently assembling the whole experiment


MUSCAT article for Leonardo Times

REXUS 9 Launch


While I was an intern at KTH and joined the MUSCAT team for four months, I wrote an article for Leonardo Times (the magazine of Aerospace students at my home University, TU Delft) together with Marcus Lejon, Tito and Emilio. Here it is, on page 32!

Ejection test almost ready

Today the team worked a lot for reparation of the ejection test. The test will be performed in the following days and we hope to have good results.

Here you can see some of the picture we took today.

The MUSCAT RMU is now at home!

Today it has been my first day of the year at KTH ad it could not have been better. When I went to the team room I found the MUSCAT RMU and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful machining parts that I have ever seen. Here you are some pictures of it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

As you can see the machining work has been quite intense and it seem fairly complicated. You can appreciate the complicated inner geometry with different inner radius and different geometry of the reinforcements . However if the inner geometry is complicated the outer is not much simpler, four 134mm opening, the opening for the steel cable to reach the pyro-cutter bracket, the groove going all the way around the module, the camera opening with the correspondent attachment holes and all the standard holes for the attachment between the different modules in the top and bottom part of the RMU.

As I said before, a machining part with all of this features has it quite easy to be the most beautiful machining part that I have ever seen.