The RMU electronics is really starting to take form. There is not much left to solder now. What you can see on the picture is a FPGA at the top-left  corner. It will handle all the communication between the ground station an the FFUs while the FFUs are mounted inside the rocket. You can also see seven coils distributed over the board. Two of them are for filtering the 28 V power that is supplied to the MUSCAT experiment. The rest of the coils belongs to step down converters. Four of those are 4.2 V and will be used to charge each FFU while mounted inside the rocket. The fifth is a 5 V regulator that together with a few linear regulators will power the FPGA, sensors and the camera control circuits.



Bottom PCB progress


We are working hard with the electronics in our experiment. We are working on five FFUs in parallelll and the bottom PCBs are almost finished soldered! Here is a picture from our FFU factory ­čÖé

The progress with the RMU electronics is going well and more pictures will be uploaded.┬áI’m sure the other Markus will give you some┬áreally neat pictures in the near future.