Tests ahead


We will have high altitude drop tests  tomorrow and on Thursday. A few people from the team will be present. There will probably be some pics and videos soon on the blog!

The semester is starting at maximum warp. Tests are being planned and only 4 weeks are left until SED submission deadline for version 3.

Take care!

Best regards, Ólafía


Outer finishing of the spheres: Good enough




Yesterday, was the day for a new try of new approach for the manufacturing of the spheres. We did the VARTM but in this case decreasing the pressure of the vacuum pump to 0.4 instead of 0.8 when the resing was infused. Here you are a picture of the VARTM set up.Image


Here the manometer showing the perfect sealed vacuum bag at -1atm Image

and here the key pressure that let us get the good surface finishing -0.4 atm.Image

The results look promising just after demolding the part although we wanted to show in this picture the flow media that we have used to make the resin flow gently all over the fabric(The flow media is the blue stuff that you can see in this picture) Image

Finally, here it is the first VARTM produced sphere with good enough surface finishing.ImageThe MUSCAT composite manufacturing is getting some good results finally!!!!