It is almost August and the MUSCAT team keeps playing around with composites. Few weeks ago we got a new epoxy. The new epoxy can be use for infusion which is a nice and neat manufacturing method.This manufacturing method will help us to get a perfect and uniform high class surface finishing

The new epoxy stand high temperatures even better than the previous one. The new epoxy can stand 220 degrees Celsius. This resistance should be enough to stand theĀ thermalĀ loads that will appear during the reentry.

This week I have been in the composite lab and I have manage to get a hemisphere using the VARTM method. Here you can see the result


It needs some improvements but it is really close to the quality that the flying FFUs need. Soon the shells for the flying FFUs will come.


New Mechanical CAD

Well, we had our CDR at DLR, Munchen a couple of weeks ago, and it turns out that some of our design was not accepted. The steel cable holding our experiment in the rocket had to go into a groove, the hatches were to be flushed against the skin and the hook securing the cable was to be moved to the inside of the rocket. This is quite a drastic change, but I am pleased to present the MUSCAT RMU v2.0 (hope it gets accepted :P)

Transparent view of RMU v2.0

Close up of pyro. Compact!

Added hot gas protection for the other REXUS modules (finally :))

Cable fastened by a bolt, passes through first pyrocutter, round the module, in through second cutter and is clamped by two plates

New pyrocutter assembly, much more compact... And with double the firepower!! (Two pyrocutters))



I have finnaly connected to internet. During the offlinetime I have maneged to travel to the hotel in Stainebach, get some sleep, eaten, breakfast and reached DLR.


Now I’m halfway through the soldering course at lunch brake.
To be continued…

Alea iacta est! The CDR is coming

Although the semester ended few weeks ago the summer has not started for the MUSCAT team. We have been the mechanical team has been pretty busy developing the mechanical design of the RMU, the mechanical team has been also working in the manufacturing of the composite shells for the FFUs. A small piece of the work can be seen in these pictures

Then, the electrical team has been finishing the electronics systems that were left and testing plenty of staff.

However, that was not enough work for us and we had been preparing the presentation for the CDR, which we expect to be rather good. Although, the result of this part of the work should be evaluated by the experts present at the CDR. We have great expectations about the CDR and we are looking forward to show the work of the MUSCAT team.

New updates coming soon, maybe from Munich.