Drop test in 4 days!!

Hello world!

After hard work the past months we are finally seeing our prototypes come to life. The team has finished soldering two bottom PCBs and one top PCB, we’ve made a few hemispheres, made thermal cutter, parachute and I could continue with this list for a very long time. So what is next. Well our drop test is next Thursday, the 19th of April. The team will go from Stockholm and drive for some hours until it reaches our test field. Then  the team members will do what they are assigned to do and hopefully everything will run smoothly. The purpose of our drop test is to test our prototypes. Following are the things we intend to test in our drop test:

  • Mission mode
  • Rocket pin
  • Release mechanism for drop test 1
  • Parachute deployment
  • Thermal cutter
  • GPS front end
  • GPS commercial
  • STX 2
  • Beacon transmitter
  • Antenna system
  • Sensor gathering
  • FFU Power System

It will be very exciting to see the results and hopefully, everything works as we want it to work.

Have a nice weekend!



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