Microstrip antenna dimensions preliminarily designed

I’ve written two Matlab scripts to compute the dimensions for rectangular and circular patch antennas with given centre frequency, substrate permittivity and substrate height. Directivity and feed points can also be calculated. We are leaning towards the circular patch. It will have a radius of 4.2 cm if the substrate height is 2 cm, relative permittivity of substrate is unity and the centre (GPS) frequency is 1.6 GHz. Radiation pattern diagrams are hopefully soon to come 🙂


The FEM analysis is going ahead

Now we are in the stage where the structural integrity of the module must be certified. This was a requirement from ESA when the MUSCAT experiment was presented. The approach that we are using is to try to achieve the same stiffness in the module with openings as the module without openings. In order to perform a proper analysis we will use the well known FEM software ABAQUS.Here the meshed modules can be seenImageImageAfter the meshing task it is time for the real analysis but that will take place in the coming days. As soon as some nice colorful  are available we will upload them.

Outreach in Icelandic high schools!

Hi all!

Darri and I went to Iceland during the holidays and we visited two high schools, Verzlunarskóli Íslands (www.verslo.is) and Menntaskóli Reykjavíkur (www.mr.is). There we presented what REXUS is and what our MUSCAT experiment is about. We will hopefully visit them again,  when we have finished the experiment. Following are some pictures from the outreach.


Best regards,

Ólafía, team leader of MUSCAT


Some images from the mechanical design

As our experiment has been accepted and thoroughly revealed to the world, it’s probably not a bad idea to include some images to show what exactly we are building. Below are our current designs of the RMU (Rocket Mounted Unit) and the FFU’s (Free Falling Units). The RMU is actually a cylindrical section of the REXUS rocket, and serves the purpose of deploying the four FFU’s into space.



Pictures from the selection workshop

Hi all!

We are just beginning to start our blog properly! The first thing is to post the pictures from selection workshop. Following this post will be at least one more sometime this week. Next week you will get a blog every working day from different team members so you can see what is going on in the team.

Enjoy the pictures!

Muscat made it!!

I wish you all a happy new year!

The MUSCAT team got an e-mail before Christmas from Natacha, Helen and Paul. We were happy to read that the project organisers, SNSB and DLR, in collaboration with their partners, EuroLaunch and ESA have made the final selection of experiments. It is a great pleasure for the behalf of my team, MUSCAT, to inform the world that our experiment, the MUSCAT experiment is one of the experiments selected to fly in the REXUS 13 & 14 campaign, which is provisionally scheduled for February/March 2013!! We signed the acceptance of offer and posted it to Natacha before Christmas, so it probably has reached her by now.

Thank you for your visit and hope they will be many!

Ólafía Lára Lárusdóttir, team leader of MUSCAT.